Magnuson Dog Park

Celebrating 25 years as Seattle’s #1 favorite dog park

Seattle Parks & Recreation and Magnuson Off Leash Group are PROUD to honor this exceptional place & all of our amazing visitors

Our active campaigns

Healing the Park

Dog Park, Edition 25 is a year of repair and renewal.  Help your community by joining any (or many) volunteer work parties! Supporting your friends and neighbors at these events is a great way to help make the park safer and to remember that being a participating citizen means supporting the places you love.

Planting for the Future

Because it takes a green village to make a bluer planet we’ve partnered with Green Seattle Partnership to develop a multi-year ecological restoration plan.  Planting new trees and native plants will help make the park a healthier and more enjoyable space for all visitors, those on foot, paw or wing!  We’ll be planting throughout the year!

Connecting the Community

New Year, New Goals

Hi everyone, My name is Jin Zhang. I’m the new steward for MOLG starting out this new year. Our 8.4 acre dog…

Dog Beach Update

For those of you who love the dog beach, we’ve got good news.  The long awaited renovation and embankment repair is slated…

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to provide a safe, clean, and enjoyable off-leash experience for dogs and their owners at Magnuson Dog Park. We are committed to maintaining and improving the park’s facilities, promoting responsible dog ownership, and fostering a sense of community among park users. Through education, outreach, and advocacy, we strive to ensure that Magnuson Dog Park remains a welcoming and inclusive space for all dogs and their human companions.”

Our Latest Success

On Saturday March 11, 2023, our board & community came together to tend to our favorite dog park. There were 22 people who signed our volunteer sheet but many more lending a helping hand.

Our volunteers helped with important tasks such as:

  • Filling in and leveling out the ground by the entrances, helping to keep our park ADA accessible
  • Trimming and pruning invasive species, to protect and restore biodiversity and native habitats
  • Handing out treats and answering questions from the community about the ongoing work.
  • Collecting data about park usage, we counted hundreds of park users entering per hour!

Thank you all for your dedication and hard work! You really made a difference, and the park shines a little brighter for your star turn.

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Warren G. Magnuson Park
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